Friday, August 14, 2015

frankenpup: Puppylinux no more.

With sadness in my heart i'm writing this post to announce that my loved frankenpup it's not gonna be puppy based anymore and the main reason: it's a real pain to hack puppy to get newer features to work, it was a pain to make the stable versions of kmod and eudev to work together from the init, it's even worst to try and get something like AMD crossfire to work without making a coding shitstorm to the init scripts and hoping the system boots again and Xorg doesn't shits itself and with every stable release of libs watching the system tearing itself apart over massive symbol lookup errors by the lack of a proper rolling release or update system or having 3 different versions of each lib fucking with the linker on compile time.

Currently i really don't know the fate of the 32bits version, but the 64bits is going to be a built from scratch "puppy inspired" distro, i'll try to bring back the good aspects of old puppy (2.15CE, 3.XX, 4.31) but in a newer environment, more modular, more dev friendly.

If anyone is interested on the dev phase check the frankenpup trello (dunno if i'm going to keep this name anymore =/)

I was never a good friend to the newer puppy versions, to me they are just "ubuntu-mini or slackware-mini" and still remember the good days of spending weeks on the irc channel compiling software, creating gtk frontends, helping people, making .pup and .pet like there is no tomorrow just to help puppy become a good distro, something people will use instead a "major" distro, but now for me puppy is just "install from X debian repo" or "just download the slackware package" and puppy itself as a distro is no more, just something you can put together on woof to make a lighter version of another thing.

And yeah i'm really sad, almost crying since i loved puppy and it was my main OS since 2007 but i can't relate what i liked from it in newer versions.


  1. so sorry i do to understand your work my best wishes for you and larry but do not give up there is a light at the end of the way... can you see it??

    your friend in costa rica.

  2. Sad to see you go, hope you pop into the FB group now and then to keep us informed..

  3. Sad to see you go, hope you pop into the FB group now and then to keep us informed..

  4. I'd be interested then in what you choose to use then as I too am a bit lost by the Ubuntu thing