Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some weird case of NECROMANCY

WELL WELL WELL... looks liek someone is working on a puplet again... but this time after years of TRYING i'm actually baking a good puplet featuring:
-kernel 3.8.0
-xorg 1.12.2  (and finally WITH MOTHERFUCKING DRI)
-Glibc 2.18
-Gcc 4.8.2

i'm still compiling libs, removing deprecated shit, TRYING to make it stable, and unlike all my other puplets this time i didn't used slackware as binary resource for missing shit i'm just compiling everything from source just to make the goddamn system a little bit more stable (IT IS slackware binary compatible)... anywhore, some screenshots:
(yeah, fuck you work in progress screenshots are BEST screenshots)

samedog OUT!

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