Friday, June 1, 2012


Ok so here i go again, will made a new puplet mostly because retarded teams make retarded desitions and i don't like that and i can actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Some shit it will have:

- 2 versions 32 and 64bits, 2 branches slackware/other still really dunno what
- GCC out of the box.
- Firefox, maybe Chrome.
- mpd
- samba
- same base libs as any other distro
- some additional wifi usb firmwares, drivers, and shit

Well that is what i have so far, will take me like 4 days to rewrite the building system from scratch (i LOST it), then like 50 minutes to make a working base distro and finally like a moterfucking week to make the first alphas, so i think i will post in 14 days with the first alpha builds.

Have a nice week.

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