Monday, November 12, 2012

Puppy-es "test"

Bueno, no hay mucho que decir, como algunos saben estoy trabajando en la rama "test" de puppy-es tratando en lo posible de seguir la antigua filosofía de puppy de compilar todo, y no usar paquetes de otras distros, aunque de todas formas trato de hacerlo lo mas compatible posible con slackware. Ya estoy terminando el sistema aunque me dio la locura de actualizar las libs (y desactualizar otras) en favor de la velocidad y estabilidad del sistema.

Características generales (por ahora):

-Kernel 2.6.39 SMP (compilado con gcc 4.5.2)
-Gcc 4.5.2
-Glibc 2.15
-Español como lenguaje por defecto. CASI todo está en español.

Para construir esta puplet usé wary 5.3, y los míticos scripts de construcción de frankenpup y recompilada varias veces para tratar de eliminar los rastros de slackware y frankenpup.

Espero tener listo el alpha dentro de esta semana, para empezar a buscar bugs finales.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

PHPmvs BETA 1.1

Just updated my script, added a server fuzzer, have like 40+ webshells on a backup drive and will be adding more stuffs from there..


Friday, June 29, 2012

PHPmvs BETA 1.0

Finally a beta version, why beta? because i say so.
On this one i added a website crawler pretty slow and unstable... SHITTY is the best word to describe it (i think), jokes on you.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

PHPmvs ALPHA 0.5

After some time i fanally realeased the last ALPHA version, now i will start optimizing scripts and functions to make a first BETA for now it has:

-SQL injections, (error based, union query based)
-Server vulnerabilities (banner based, mostly known version bugs)
-PHP vulneravilities (same as server vulns)
-Ports scanner.
-Admin panel finder (heuristic)

That's for now.

Monday, June 18, 2012

PHPmvs ALPHA 0.4

Just another simple update some kind of Admin panel finder, pretty simple, pretty SLOW will tr to improve it... maybe not.



Well since i got a "normal people" job i don't really have too much time in mah hands BUUUT i really enjoy making puplets and linux distros SOOOO i will keep working on the new frankenpup distro i was, have some stable base system (kernel, libs, and will try to build something SLACK using it.

Have a bad day.

PHPmvs ALPHA 0.3

Well, i made some little update to my PHP vulnerability scanner script some days ago; just added a port scanner. Now i'm working on more heuristics and such.

Have a fucking nice day.


Friday, June 1, 2012


Ok so here i go again, will made a new puplet mostly because retarded teams make retarded desitions and i don't like that and i can actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Some shit it will have:

- 2 versions 32 and 64bits, 2 branches slackware/other still really dunno what
- GCC out of the box.
- Firefox, maybe Chrome.
- mpd
- samba
- same base libs as any other distro
- some additional wifi usb firmwares, drivers, and shit

Well that is what i have so far, will take me like 4 days to rewrite the building system from scratch (i LOST it), then like 50 minutes to make a working base distro and finally like a moterfucking week to make the first alphas, so i think i will post in 14 days with the first alpha builds.

Have a nice week.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

PHPmvs ALPHA 0.2

Well i merged some small scripts into one php file and now will add more and more vulnerabilities.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

PHPsic BETA 0.2

A little code cleaning/optimization update.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PHPsic BETA 0.1.

Finally! it works like a charm, has Error-based injection points AND 45 different UNION queries for 1 to 10 columns injections, covering almost all (Time-based blind and Boolean-based blind not included) the most common SQL injection points in URL.



Monday, February 20, 2012

PHPsic alpha 0.3

Looks like this is  a blog for my new project now... well fuck, new version now supports data retrieval for UNION queries (10, 9, 8, 6, & 4 cols) and have "optimized) some functions. Gonna rewrite the UNION detection system because the comparison model takes too much time with more than 10 cols.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

PHPsic alpha 0.2

New version of my project, now it reads data for error based injection points, you are welcome, fucking script kiddies.



It looks like my debian/ubuntu hate is getting noticed: i received 5 e-mails from some guys (FILLED WITH BUTT-HURT) telling me "you now shit about linux", "ubuntu is a good distro, safe and rock solid", and some other pretty stupid arguments like "then tell me why ubuntu has more downloads than slackware" and balhblahblah.

Well my little butt-hurted friends i'm gonna, let's say own your arguments in the most "formal" way i can:

- Have been using linux for about 12 years, switched to slackware (7.0) from win98 with no problems, tested some other distros and stuffs and when a friend send me a Ubuntu (5.04) CD i installed it an hated it: was a pain in the ass to get a damn serial mouse to work, and after some days struggling with it i just wiped it and went back to slackware, some moths later founded out about puppy but didn't tested it 'till version 2.00 and when 2.15CE came out i just loved it and now after almost 6 years i still love it (lupu not included in the love part).

- Also tested kubuntu and some newer ubuntu versions, unfortunately they are just the same stuff, and i challenge you dear enemies, to go and try to update the base libs compiling them from source and enjoy your brand new brick.

- Why do i love slackware? simple: IT WORKS, you can update everything and it will keep working, and OBVIOUSLY because is one of the oldest still developed distros, and THAT gives you some sense of security, it is rock solid out of the box, and if you have a little bit of common sense and know how to read you can install it being a complete linux-noob. (i mean, c'mon, a friend's little brother (10) installed puppy by it's own and we are in Chile (South America if you are an ignorant fuck), according to some "North Americans" we are only good cooking mexican food and as cheap workers)

- Why do i hate the ubuntu fanbase? because of all the "I can't install Ares and Messenger!!1!!PLEASE HELP!!! double clicked the icon several times and nothing happened", not gonna write anything else because i'm being "formal" and if i type more i'll be cussing like a motherfucker.



That's all, hope i won't get more e-mails, it would be a SHAME if someone subscribes them to every newsletter known to man.

samedog out.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Well i'm working on a PHP coded SQL injection scanner, pretty simple and stuffs, it's done but it sucks HARD on every way a programmer can see it, so i'm rewriting it and using sourceforge for the releases. LINK