Monday, June 13, 2011

OMFG!!!! Frankenpup v0.1.1337 is here!

"Frankenpup it's a personal wary+slackaware build (first one was with puppy-4.00 and slackware-12) the main reason to build it was because puppy was good, but it could evolve into something REALLY GOOD if you mix it with slackware(problem?).
Frankenpup follows some really personal vision of how an OS must be so is way far away from Windows or Ubuntu or anything "click&magic": it doesn't have a package manager, it doesn't have a way to resolve dependencies, all has to be done by the user, so, in other words: IF YOU ARE AN UBUNTU LOVER, A LINUX NEWBIE OR HAVE ANY CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE FRANKENPUP WILL BE A REAL PAIN IN THE ASS FOR YOU.
But if you like challenges i can't stop you from downloading it."

Now the real deal:

Well, after 2 long days of work, resolving dependencies, modding the init scripts and updating libs i'm REALLY happy to anounce:


This is gonna be the first beta of the 0.1.X series, featuring some really basic stuffs and environment, for now fluxbox is the default wm.


Glibc 2.13
Linux Kernel
gcc 4.5.2 (yes, compiler out of the box)
Python 2.6.2 (dunno, maybe i will remove or uplgrade it)
Perl v5.10.0 (same as pyton)
util-linux 2.19
ConsoleKit 0.4.3

Also installed core-utils, so i'm working to remove busybox (step by step) , gonna test the kernels from slackware repos too and will update some other exciting stufs and more (More info later on my website).


(gotta upload more, i know)

[1 LINK] (221.25Mb)

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