Monday, October 4, 2010

Frankenpup 8, the ocho

 Well i'm annmouncing the latest frankenpup alpha, short story:

LINK 1 file 160Mb iso

-WARY-070 / Slackware-13.1
-kernel: SMP (WARY)
-glibc: 2.11.1 (from Slackware 13.1)
-gcc: 4.4.4 (same)
-fluxbox instead jwm (from slack)
-python script to keep the fluxmenu structure (fixmenus linked to that script)
-firefox 3.6.10
-no office software yet =P (i'm still stripping down Open office)
-removed a lot of apps (abiword, gnumeric, osmo, attym, gftp, and some others i will upload the list later)
-The run action for the txz packages is linked to my TXZinstaller script so you can install them with 1 click =)
-dbus-uuidgen on starup (to prevent dbus to FAIL hard)
-dbus-daemon on starup (for obvius reasons)
-on shutdown a script cleans the /var/run/dbus/ folder (to prevent starup FAIL)

Slackware packages used so far:

>cxxlibs-6.0.13-i486-2 (MAIN)
>dbus-1.2.24-i486-2 (MAIN)
>dbus-glib-0.86-i486-3 (MAIN)
>gcc-4.4.4-i486-1 (devx_8.sfs)
>gcc-g++-4.4.4-i486-1 (devx_8.sfs) [testing]
>glibc-2.11.1-i486-3 (MAIN) [testing]
>gmp-5.0.1-i486-1 (devx_8.sfs)
>python-2.6.2-i486-3 (MAIN)(will upgrade it to 2.7)

Software from WARY:

and all the common puppy apps (i'm deleting a lot of them)


That's all so far, it's the first build i made using WARY(Quirky family) so i'm going slow because i don't wanna fuck the whole system.

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