Thursday, July 15, 2010

New processor

Hello normal people, well i recently brought a new processor (2Gz P IV, older was a 2.5Ghz Celeron) and i'm gonna talk you a little about teh HUGE differences between those 2 procs.

well technically speaking:
Celeron, 2.5Ghz, 128Kb L2 caché, 400FSB
Pentium4, 2Ghz, 256Kb L2 caché, 400FSB

they looks pretty similar, but after some test and in the common day use i have noticed how fast is the P4 against the celeron (almost 2X fast).

Why? some people usually thinks: more Mhz=More speed, that could be right if you are talking about 2 processor of the same production line (a Pentium4, 2Ghz, 256Kb L2 caché, 400FSB against a Pentium4, 2.8Ghz, 256Kb L2 caché, 400FSB) but when comes to 2 completely different procs, there is some things more importants than the Ghz, i'm gonna define 2 of them:

First: L2 Caché
What does L2 caché is/does? the simplest way to describe it is : Level 2 or L2 cache is part of a multi-level storage strategy for improving computers performance (i'm not going to describe it technically, way too much shit to talk about this xD). So, in other words, More L2 cache = more data can enter to the processor.

Second: the Front Side Bus (FSB)
a quick definition can be:
In PC , the FSB is the bus that carries data between the CPU and the northbridge. So more FSB = more data between the proc and the motherboard.

So as we can see the L2 cache of my new processor is 2X higher than the older, so the cpu can take 2X more data, but that doesn't means the new processor is "faster" in speed, it can handle more data in almost the same amount of time, and why it isn't 2x or more times fast?, because the Ghz are sigthly lower, so it can't make the same cycles per second, so my conclusion is: P4 FTW!! FUCK YOU CELERON!!!

ok, i'm out.


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  1. I noticed that about L cache and how big difference it makes and Celeron processors mostly have low cache and sucky performance because of that, so glad you got rid of that shit.
    BTW I don't use blog on that google account anymore it didn't let me post with custom profile :P