Thursday, July 30, 2015

Frankenpup v0.5 RC3: Almost Stable

Ok, i think it's time for the RC3:


Main sfs changes:
 - Fixed init script to mount /dev as devtmpfs
 - Fixed init scripts to allow kmod create the static
   nodes and udevd to manage everything.
 - Fixed multiple firmware related errors and bugs.
 - fpackages now reloads the jwm menu.
 - fpackages now has a really basic dependency support
   (version pushed to 0.3).
 - Recompiled Gparted
 - Some minor fixes on dbrowser and qupzilla was added.
   - atk-2.16.0 (recompiled with gobejct introspection)
   - libnotify-0.7.6 (same as atk)
   - eudev 2.20
   - kmod-21
   - dconf-0.24.0 (this was breaking glib2 and thus,
     breaking gtk3)
   - transmission-2.84 (GTK3)

Packages Repo changes:
    --> Added to python 2.7:
      - cython
      - dbus-python
      - pygobject
      - pygtk
    - android-file-transfer-2.3
    - qt5-5.5.0
  --> Updated
    -the package "database" no has a "dep" field.


Android file transfer:


Transmission (GTK3):
This build is really close to be stable, i only need feddback (so far 0 feedback) to ensure everything wokrs like it should THIS RELEASE DEPRECATES RC2, DEPRECATED AND UNSUPPORTED. LINK: HERE DEVX: HERE bugtracker and "wiki":

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