Thursday, June 16, 2011

Delayed 3 days

Hello strange people, as the tittle says i need 3 more days to test more indeep the 2 "maybe new" kernels, since has some problems with my touchpad and sometimes gives me no sound (frugal) and works just awesome but i gotta patch some stuffs i need more days, also glibc will stay as 2.13 and gcc as 4.5.2.
Currently i'm recompiling more stuffs, finally get rid of almost all the "no version information avaiable" warnings and i'm testing some interesting wary features (current realease) maybe will use that as base for the 0.3 version.

De frankenpup en español no tengo mucho que decir, traducir todos los scripts me va a tomar un tiempo, tal vez una semana o dos, pero trabajo lo mas rápido que puedo.

Samedog out.

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